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8:36AM 25 October 2018
I have a customer that wants to certify the storage, the area have 12 cold store, but the customer want only to audt 9 of them. Is possible this kind of exclusions on the scope?
the cold stores have differents access, but is in the same area.
Thank you
8:19AM 30 March 2019
I think this is very possible, you can state in your scope which cold stores e.g. the receipt storage & despatch of frozen food stuff  from Y, Z etc. &/OR you exclude the cold stores you dont want including
Storage and Distribution Interpretation Guidelines
7:05PM 1 March 2019
I am not having any luck in downloading the Storage and Distribution Interpretation from the on-line resource page, can anyone help in assisting me in downloading this document
7:50AM 30 March 2019
Hi guy,
email me. I'll give it to you . So, you do not need to buy it .

From: Nadia Narine
5:57PM 14 March 2019
You can not download it unless you purchase it, it can only be book marked in BRC Participate.

8:17AM 30 March 2019
anyone with a BRC participate login can download the standard and the interpretation guidelines. That's what you pay you r £450 BRC fee for. Happy to email you a copy
"Fundamental" clause in S&D?
4:18PM 18 February 2019
In section 2.5.2 in Part III "Audit Protocol" it contains the following: 
"In some circumstances the number or severity of non-conformities raised at the audit prevents the site from being certificated following that audit. This will be the case where: -a critical non-conformity is raised. -a major non-conformity against the statement of intent of a fundamental clause is raised. -....."
Then my question is, what clauses are "fundamental" in this standard?
In the standard BRC food safety this is very clear. But in the BRC standar for S&D, I do not know where it is stated.
Thanks, Laufey
8:15AM 30 March 2019
we don't have any fundamentals in S&D
7:53AM 30 March 2019
I also have the same question with you
Internal Audit Checklists S&D
11:24AM 11 January 2019
HI Does anyone have or does any know where I can obtain internal audit checklists for Storage and Distribution Issue 3, I can find plenty of Gap Checklist but not regular audit checklists, can anyone help please.
7:48AM 30 March 2019
I used the requirements as the internal checklist. It should be
From: allsafe
9:16AM 21 March 2019
Hi Tony, Check this out. All accepted by auditors.!/Internal-Audit-Checklists-for-BRC-Storage-&-Distribution-issue-3/p/77761153/category=22909059
BRC S&D audit duration calculator
From: binny.paul
5:54PM 12 January 2019
Is there any BRC S&D audit duration calculator available apart from carrying out the audit at typically min. 1.5 on-site man days?
Extension to scope audit
7:55AM 30 July 2018
Hi, can I ask if anyone has had an extension to scope audit for S&D and if so does this have to be carried out by the existing certification body?  Also is there a checklist for extension to scope audits?  Thanks,  Samantha
From: Karen Betts
2:57PM 2 August 2018
Hi Samantha. The Certifying Body owns the certificate, so only they can make alterations to it, so yes it needs to be carried out by the existing certification body. There is a report format that the CB needs to use although this isn't a specific 'checklist' as the extension to scope visit will vary depending on the changes that need to be made. Hope that helps
Distribution without the Storage Element
From: steadma
1:43PM 26 July 2018
I have a client previously accredited to S & D that has now removed the storage element of their business and thus has become a Distribution/Transport company only. Can they still continue with accreditation to the standard? I believe that they can after consulting the standard and interpretation guide but your thoughts from any one experienced in this area would be most interesting!
From: steadma
2:38PM 27 July 2018
Thanks Conway Bailey Transport for your feedback. Good to know and will pass this on to my client!
From: Conway Bailey Transport
2:13PM 27 July 2018
We are a transport only BRC Member and apart from having to get clarification on product recall section no problems with Audit process.