The BRC Participate Publications Directory contains digital versions of the BRC Participate content.

Categories, keywords, languages and tags allow you to quickly and easily find content on the platform. Once you have found a publication of interest, you can perform keyword searches or navigate through it page-by-page to locate the specific information you need.

The BRC Participate team are continually enriching online publications with new, relevant content. As the library of content expands, so does the network of categories, keywords and tags that help to keep the content organised. Related content is shown across publications via hyperlinks, related items and clickable keywords.

To access the Publications Directory, click on Publications in the navigation menu. Note that you will need to have logged in as a to full gain access to publications.

You can browse through the library of publications or submit a search using a combination of categories, keywords, languages and document type selections to find the specific publication(s) you require.

When you click on a publication, you can navigate through the content using the tools provided, along with your web browser’s in-built functionality.

Tools in the bottom-right corner of the screen allow you to save publications to your personal library for future reference and to print pages.